Welcome to The Chronicles!

Awaana! Welcome to The Chronicles of Mystica Official Website. We’re delighted to have you. My name is Flipsy and I’ll be your Tour Guide through the world of Elarra as we navigate the Chronicles of Mystica.


Oh, that’s right. You’re not Elarran, so you’re probably very confused.  Probably thinking, why is it called Chronicles of Mystica is the world is Elarra and why does she have such a squeaky voice. Simmer down now, one question at a time. First things first.


Like your realm you call Earth – which I think is just a terribly dumb name if you ask me, but you didn’t so moving on…. Elarra is our world. That’s right, a whole world of places and people, good looking people, like me, and creatures and jewelry. We have rolling hills, lush fields, treacherous mountains, tropical islands, mysterious jungles and most importantly. magic. Now, Mystica is a part of our world. Like Australia to you, where you probably don’t live ,but just because you’ve never been there doesn’t mean Australia never happened, yes? Well, Your Earth is like our Elarra, and your Australia is like our Mystica. It’s a place. And like all places, it has a fantastical wildlife.  Some more creepy, actually. Like the Snooks, which will crawl up your nose and give you nightmares, and we don’t want that. It’s also home to the Mystics who inhabit it.  And they’re just like a new little giggle all wrapped in plastic, aren’t they! I like.


Oh, sure, there are other plains here on Elarra beyond Mystica, but we’ll save those for future Chronicles. Right now, you have enough to do, like clip your toenails and ask yourself why your hair looks like that. I’ve been looking at those things you call selfies. Do you have any other room in your homes outside a bathroom?


Well, I suppose this isn’t the time for Me to be asking You questions. So, moving right along…


The trouble here on Elarra is that our Magic is disappearing. Going kerputzel. Vanishing. Disappearing. Withering like a Grobbit in the Sun. We have no idea why, but it’s caused a huge imbalance in things here. The ageless are aging. The wonderment is un-wondermenting. The Academy of Magic is in a complete uproar and frantically working to save our Magic.. all four schools of the Academy together! Imagine that. For centuries they’ve been frenemies at best, giving each other the shady side eye if you know what I mean. But I’m no gossip! So, moving along…


We need help from you folks no matter how you look. One of your own your Earthy Professors from long, long ago created a portal between here and there, your place and mine- well not my place exactly unless you enjoy a hut up a tree then feel free to visit… and with this Portal, which was once intended for casual visits and trading recipes, well, now we have to send you some of our magical Mystics for safe keeping until we figure out why our Magic is moving out! Thanks to the good folks at the Magic Academy and whatever people are there on your end of the portal who have organized this whole thing, I don’t know their name because they don’t pay my rent, you all look alike to me.


Anyway, I’ll be back, but that’s all for now. Please take a survey on your way out and tell the Academy how wonderflupus I am because I get more rubies. Have a Sparkle day!