The Chronicles of Mystica Contest Winners



It is an incredible honor to award members of our community who took up the challenge to capture a character or scene from the Chronicles Of Mystica lore, and the skill and talent is absolutely astounding. The winners are as follows:



In Third Place, winning a Chronicles of Mystic Duo package is:


“Meeting Fe’Lora at the Well” – By Lizzy Swordthain


Meeting Fe’Lora at the Well” – By Lizzy Swordthain




In Second Place, winning a Medium Mystic Starter Package is:


“Don’t Forget Tobee” – By K9 Ghost


"Don't Forget Tobee" By K9 Ghost
“Don’t Forget Tobee” By K9 Ghost



FINALLY! In First place, we are proud to present the winner of the Chronicles of Mystica Family Package:


“Shhhhhh…” – By Just1sarah


“Shhhhh….” By Just1sarah




To thank you all for taking the time to show us your work, as a courtesy we are gifting the rest of the entries L$ 100 each to show our appreciation and admiration of your art.


See you next contest!