The Fusing of Mystics



The nature of fusing Mystics is quite important to their purpose here on Earth with their new owners. Fusing is a process that imbues the knowledge and genetic information of one Mystic with the one you intend to keep. This allows you to maximize your potential by selectively enriching the performance and possibilities of your Mystics!


The Mystic you intend to keep stays with you, while the one whose knowledge you have extracted heads back home to it’s homeland of Elarra, leaving its unique pawprint on the one that remains behind. Fusing can help reveal many secrets that they have deeply hidden in their biology. Not only does this have the potential to help diversify the results in your offspring, but also introduce new types that need your care in propagating their species.


You can fuse many Mystics with a single Mystic, and this expands it’s horizons!


How can you tell how much knowledge a Mystic has?


Upon examining any Mystic you can see its knowledge, which we represent as levels. A new Mystic will show a level 1/10. That means this particular Mystic has only its own knowledge, and not benefited from any imbument of others.



1/10 represents its current level (1) and its current Maximum potential level. The Maximum level can also be raised through fusing.


The second set of numbers you see on a new Mystic will show 0/50. This simply means it has 0 of the required 50 imbument experience required in order to increase to level 2.


Don’t be afraid to fuse your Mystics. It doesn’t hurt. In fact, in their own world, in their own nature, they imbue each other with their pawprint as a gift, or expression of what we call love to their Superiors.


Although a Mystic may have a high level and a ton of knowledge as it has had many fused with it, it’s offspring does not inherit these levels from a parent. It might be an expression of it’s parents expanded knowledge and level, but like any newborn, it must make it’s way on it’s own, unless you choose to fuse another Mystic with it.


The rarer the Mystic you fuse to another, the more knowledge is passed, and it can increase a Mystics level, raise Maximum level, and vitalize them with a constant stream of new information, making it very valuable to your herd of Mystics and your breeding results.


Fusing Mystics. One stays, one returns to Elarra.
Fusing Mystics. One stays, one returns to Elarra.