End of the year pet census!

Hellooo Adventurers! We hope your holiday travels have treated you well and that you have enjoyed much good food and good company. As the end of another successful orbit around the Day Star draws near, we thought it would be worthwhile to share our population data to reflect all your hard work! Let me just say, WOW!! We’ve seen such a huge boom in what was once a dying breed of magical creatures. Excellent job, my friends!!


Now, I need to be very careful with my wording for this next part. I got in trouble last time I reported that I had 500 Ruffletufts left when I really only had 5, and didn’t have enough to share with the Academy Professors, who happen to be very particular about their snacks. I had to mop the floors for 2 weeks after that, whew! Moving on…


This data represents a TOTAL number of pets, including fused, hatched, unhatched, and supreme, from the very beginning of Mystica. So without further ado, here is a small breakdown:


There are 30 types of coats that have been discovered so far. We can divide the 30 types in two and get this chart:

meta-chart (5)


We know you’re also very interested to see a more detailed breakdown of which pets are the most rare. So, this next chart takes the pets in the “15 Least Common Pets” category to create this chart:

meta-chart (4)

Keep in mind, again, that these values represent ALL pets from a species including birthed, pod, supreme, and fused.


Thank you for a wonderful 10 months! We hope to see you in 2016 too!!!

~The Mystica Team