New And Improved Documentation

After much revising, adding, snapshotting, HTML formatting, and outright correcting, we’re pleased to present the New And Improved Documentation! The Game Manual, Redeliveries & Lost or Runaway Pets guide, FAQ, and About pages of have all been thoroughly overhauled, and new pages have been created to explain how to use Costume Potions and the Mystify Wand. These updates should give them – and you – information that’s more complete, more detailed, and more accurate.

Additionally, the top navigation bar has been shuffled around! Information on the practical fundamentals – like the About page and Game Manual – can be found toward the left-hand side, and information on the narrative material – like the story of The Beginning (which has recently been polished up a little) – are toward the right.

The Game Manual was, by far, the biggest endeavor. Though we have a wonderful and attentive team of CSRs who are prepared to answer any of your questions, I wanted to make sure the Game Manual explained each aspect of the game as thoroughly as possible, without spoiling the sense of discovery.

Specific improvements include:

  • Line-by-line explanations of the HUD and the Mystics’ hovertext
  • Updated information on food and housing
  • An in-depth explanation of the breeding cycle
  • A comprehensive explanation of the Experience and Level system
  • A step-by-step guide to Fusion (both for same-Species and different-Species Fusions)

Each section is illustrated with screenshots so it’s easier to follow along. And, for faster navigation, there’s an easy-access index at the top of the page. Just click the link to jump to the section you need!

Guides on how to use Costume Potions and Mystify Wands were also added – but, since both these features aren’t part of the core gameplay and are optional additional purchases, they each have their own new pages.

The Redeliveries guide has been similarly expanded. Terminology has been cleared up to help explain the difference between Redelivery and Recall, and the difference between Lost and Runaway pets. Up-to-date screenshots have been added to illustrate each step of each process – including both ways of Recalling pets: the Profile way and the HUD way.

The FAQ has been reorganized by topic, has also received an index so you can find your question more easily, and has been thoroughly fact-checked and updated.

Finally, the About page has been fleshed out to give a sweeping overview of our game’s features – including all the aspects that help set us apart. Whether you’re new to the Chronicles of Mystica or new to breedables entirely, the About page will give you a little more context about the experience that we Adventurers are all creating together!

We hope all of this information is useful. If there’s anything that’s still unclear, don’t hesitate to contact Support.

Good luck, Adventurers!