The Answers Unlocked

[Spoiler Alert!  If you’re still trying to break the coded transmissions, stop reading now!  This excerpt from today’s group chat reveals ALL the answers to ALL the codes!  If you’re ready, read on…]


[2016/04/15 16:59] Zoivox: ((The stone of your Mountain Home whispers faint secrets again, a monotonous voice spelling letter after letter – but this time the voice is lower, slower, as if transmitted on a different frequency. Six letters repeat, again and again: the final code.))

[2016/04/15 17:05] Zoivox: ((If you solve the code – or just think you have a good guess – shout it out in group chat! Something interesting may happen…. 😉 ))

[After a few incorrect guesses…]

[2016/04/15 17:31] Bat (fruitbat.oh): Elarra
[2016/04/15 17:31] Zoivox: ((From the stone comes a garbled, high-pitched noise, like a bird trying to sing underwater. There are fitful scratching sounds and strange grindings, and a hint of sawed-off syllables. And then… a voice.))
[2016/04/15 17:32] Zoivox: HELLO, EARTH. CAN YOU HEAR ME?
[2016/04/15 17:32] Zoivox: My name is Zoivox. I’m an intern in the House of Spectra.
[2016/04/15 17:32] Zoivox: I don’t have much time, and I think they might be listening, so I have to be brief.
[2016/04/15 17:33] Bat (fruitbat.oh): something strange is happening. i don’t understand what. i don’t understand why. everything’s hazy and inexact. and i think i’ll need your help to figure it out.
[2016/04/15 17:33] Zoivox: Something strange is happening. I don’t understand what. I don’t understand why. Everything’s hazy and inexact. And I think i’ll need your help to figure it out.
[2016/04/15 17:33] Zoivox: If you can decode this message, if you want to help, keep listening. I’ll transmit again soon. When I do, I’ll send one word in a new code. Break the code, say the answer, and we’ll be able to talk freely.
[2016/04/15 17:34] Bat (fruitbat.oh): o/
[2016/04/15 17:35] Zoivox: ((There’s a sound only describable as the squawk a stone bird might try to make as you strangled it underwater, and then… ))
[2016/04/15 17:39] Zoivox: “Oh, thank everything thankable, you got it! And you figured it out! I was worried it was lost in space. Hello from Elarra, you wonderful Earthites, you. It’s probably weird to be just talking to a voice, but… if the code worked just right…”
[2016/04/15 17:41] Zoivox: “Make your way to the isobiome – I mean, that Elarra-looking place where the shop and Magika Well is found. We’ll be able to talk more face to face. …Sort of.”
[2016/04/15 17:41] Zoivox: (( ))