Wondering What To Expect during Beta?


Never fear! Flipsy is here to help you all out. Gird yourself for some useful information because that’s what I’m told to do! Here I go! Ready?


Beta is your opportunity to enter the world of Mystica and meet some of those cute, cuddly furballs called Mystics. Fluffy things, they are. The people at the Magic Academy will be watching to make sure that everything goes smoothly during this time, big brother and all. You know those snarly professors curling their lips behind their beards. Of course, they have to be certain that there are no slips of the Time Stream or mysterious “Oddities” that prevent them, and you, from merging worlds together seamlessly. You know how it is with Magic, it can be unexpected, chaotic, even Dangerous! My eyebrows only just grew back since Alpha.


So, just be warned that as this is such a dramatic and massive undertaking, breaching worlds, disrupting the space continuum, balancing elements, installing artifacts, measuring alchemical ingredients and importing magika by the bucket loads,  it takes some dedicated effort! The Elders have been rubbing their knotty hands together tirelessly to make this all happen, but it does so in stages.


First things first, you won’t get to see all of the creatures of Mystica just yet. The few coming through the Portals are pioneers, just making sure it’s safe and you’re not nuts. So, while there are so many magical things to see, most will have to wait until launch. This includes some cosmetic changes, simple things not related directly to the pets. So while you toil away with your busy world, the Professors will be working in the towers of the Academy fine tuning things and improving the overall experience.


In the meantime, head on over to our Game Manual and get yourself acclimated to all the gidgety-gadgets and doodahs you’ll be seeing.


They also want to hear from you. Make sure you let them know what you think. Sure, they look old, ugly and scary, but underneath that hairy upper lip they’re lovely folks.


See you tonight, Friends!