The Conclusion of Beta

The Unforgettable Flipsy is here! To be your guide; your beacon and your inspiration. Because, that’s what I am.

Well, can you believe it? I have to hand it to you, you Earth people have impressed those snotty Great Elders at the four schools in the Magic Academy. We always wondered if there was intelligent life out there beyond the Blue Star and sure enough, you’ll do. We’ve come so far, so fast. We’ve sent Mystics shuttling through the universe like cannon balls in their little PetalPods and they’ve done just super in your care. Everyone here is just buzzing about you. I’m sure you’ll get some kind of gift, probably. Like a Fickleberry Cake or some other awful thing. It will color your lips blue. People thought I was choking for three days after I got mine last year. Moving on.

We’re tumbling forward like a Snikket with it’s tail on fire! And, getting ready to reveal everything. Those Great Elders had to be sure you were capable before spilling all the secrets. What does this mean? The test is complete! You did it! Beta will conclude on February 2nd and we’ll bring back home all those little fuzzy critters and get them ready for their permanent homes. They’ll probably need a good wash and a brushing, checked over for Beezles and we’ll pack their travel pouches as we bid them farewell! Get ready! Prepare! All new features! New Species! New Experiences!

The Mystics are coming!