Well, That was fun…


…Wasn’t it?


My how time flies! For you anyway, I’m 683 years old and still look superbulous. It’s not easy to say good-by to your friends, and this is why I refuse to have any. But for you, I know it’s a sad time to see them shuttled back to their homeworld of Mystica. Never fear, though, they’re in the safest hands possible. Just a quick study at the Magic Academy to see how well they fared in your capable hands, making sure they don’t have rabies… or scabies.. or any number of things I read about on your WebMD that made me flip out itch all over.


So what happens next? There is no rest for the weary. The Wizards behind the scenes might not be nearly as attractive as myself but are actually quite smart. They’re working on getting your Mystics right back to you with as quickly as they can.


Did you notice that you have a brand new sparkling badge?



Fancy, if I do say so myself! Carved out of Myrridian Ore and everything from the caverns of Onessis! OhhhhHHHhhh! So exciting. A much better fashion accessory than this tour guide hat they have me wearing. MOVING ON…


Lots of information coming including the launch of PRE-Sales which will let you start your Chronicle with the first batch of newly arrived Portals from Mystica a full 3 days before everyone else! Too bad I don’t have a pair of Pom-Poms to do a big cheer so my textual words will have to do.


See you soon, Mystic Magicians!