Ground Control to…


…Our Adventurers! Filpsy here! How are you? I’m wearing spandex and twerking. But I’m supposed to be here to tell you that post launch- at the end of this month we’re launching our Mystica Maddness radio hour, where you will get your chance to send in your questions and thoughts each month to the team behind The Chronicles Of Mystica and it will be read on the air and answered. You’ll hear talk about development, perspectives on the breedable industry itself, and some insight into the future, it would be like having your own personal fortune teller!


Want to participate? Send me your thoughts, concerns or general feelings on the breedables in Second Life, what you love and what you don’t, directly to me, TourGuideFlipsy and I’ll pass them along! They won’t let me on the radio though. They say I’m shrill. What-ever that means.