A Mystic Rundown



So many new things have happened this week, and there is lots to report on! Version #35 was released that simplified many previous complex processes and streamlined information to the user with a bit more clarity.


The process of breeding has been brought into sync with how we intended it to be from the beginning. Each cycle tells the story of the Mystic breeding process; From planting the seeds of the PetalFlower the use, to harvesting the materials to make their pod, up until they imbue it with the life of a new baby Mystic. It aligns itself with more story based content and less numerical figures and timers which can be distracting and abnormally aggressive to those with OCD. It also resolved a lot of unnecessary panic over small variations in numbers which didn’t mean enough to their result to be relevant. We want you to play the game and have fun rather than watch a pot boil by constantly feeling it necessary to observe it’s temperature. Now, your Mystics, even if unpaired, will continue to toil away to build their PetalPod, but once they’ve finished, they won’t make it visible until given a partner. They won’t skip breeding, their efforts are not in vain.


We’ve also made many improvements to the user experience by heavily reducing the penalty that a missed feeding once incurred. We didn’t intend this to initially be as restrictive as it once had been, and we have been able to scale that back and provide you with a more reasonable buffer for things of this nature.


We’ve also witnessed a fusing furor, which has has led to some fun and unique results for some in their latest breeding cycles. Fusing a beneficial feature that also lends itself to the sustainability of the secondary marketplace as no Mystic is disposable, even if it appears common in presentation, you never know what secrets it can potentially unlock. We’ve recently seen new eyes appear and a few new, rare coats.


A little on some of the new eyes you may have seen. A Desert eye for example represents something inherent to the desert origin. Desert eyes were only ever found in Desert Regions (Staralis, Sparkling Dunes) and so when you reveal these iconic eyes from their own region, it might be fun to attempt to cross breed them into regions in which they do not naturally occur, such as those from the Tundra.


Let talk about rare for a minute, as that word is often thrown around recklessly in the community. Rare often mean, “Rare until someone gets one and then infinitely reproduces it.” That’s not the same scenario here, with breeding mystics, which are new life forms not indigenous to Earth, don’t expect to follow the same, reliable, worn out methodology that has become familiar to everyone. Rare to us is actually rare, and in some of the rarest occurrences, only one may appear in every thousand. That’s not to say that once the trait presents visibly in an offspring that it isn’t a little easier to pass down to it’s own children. It still might be challenging, but equally rewarding. There still remain traits – and plenty of them – which our world has not yet seen, so there is still much to be explored.


As participants in a new breedable, this is an entirely new riddle to understand and fully grasp when resolving how to achieve the results you want. You might make some discoveries purely by mistake, but every step leads you to a clearer path. This is a new experience completely. Having had repetitious experience in other games where breeding results are a goal will not serve you as much as you might believe. That makes Mystics an even playing field. This is an entirely new mystery to unravel, and a new territory to explore.


There is still a whole lot to come in the future updates; both in terms of improvement, enrichment, and expansion of content. There is an entire magical world, characters from the stories, and themes that have yet to surface, as we’re only just about a month into the game. We still plan to make the game even easier to understand and provide our users with a more streamlined experience.


As always, our door is always open for suggestions, comments or feedback. Many of our improvements have been a direct result of our players sharing their thoughts and experiences, and we want to encourage that relationship. Please feel free to drop us a note any time!