Update coming soon!



We received a lot of customer feedback regarding percentages and countdown indicators that were replaced last update with status transitions that took us through the process of Pod creation. Many of our players felt that this change was far too ambiguous for them to have confidence in their activities and feared they may miss a pod due too the difficulty in discerning where they were within the two day long status.


We are very grateful to those that shared their thoughts and feedback with us, and as a result, we’re making a few changes to the status indicator, which will now also have a progress bar for each state they’re in. This will help you better determine where they are in their pod building.


We’re also looking at some changes to “Market Mode.” Prior to this it was uncomfortably easy to sell a birth-ready Mystic, and the purchaser would not only get the Mystic they purchased, but also the new pod immediately after pairing it. We certainly don’t want those who are active in the secondary marketplace to feel that their hard work and catalog of inventory are vulnerable, so we’re doing our best to make sure that does not happen. It will still require the player to do some management, but won’t be nearly as demanding.


Other customer suggestions that have been made are homes capable of holding more food than 500 Magika Berry bites, as well as the ability to retrieve Magika from a home you already own and re-deposit it back into your Magika reserve. We’re currently discussing the possibilities and doing our best to see what we can do.


We have also had requests to provide a rarity chart or rarity indicator to give players a better indication of what Pod or Pet they have. Unfortunately, this is not something we can do for a multitude of reasons. So much of what is rare depends on the players, their activities, choices and efforts, and rarities always fluctuate radically over time, especially with fusing – and even though you may have a pet that is not rare doesn’t mean it won’t have a value to your efforts further down the line. It’s important to remember that The Chronicles aren’t just intended to be a “Breeding” game in the long run, while this is certainly an aspect, our development intends there to be many more activities and pursuits that tie back into the Mystics in one form or another. There is an arcing story we’re following, and that foreshadows a great deal of the path we are forging. Beyond the Mystics, the goal for us through these future expansions is to further incorporate you, the player into the story arc, not just as a breeder, but as something much greater in purpose.


Thus far, it is the amazing community surrounding Mystics that have done so well in discerning for themselves what seems more common and what seems rarer at any given point, and there is no better authority on Mystics than a fully immersed player who is observing with a keen eye! We know you guys are out there!


While we can’t say an exact update that each change will occur in (Currently the changes to status with the Pods are our Priority) we did want you to know what else was ongoing behind the scenes here at The Magic Academy. Please continue to let us know what you’re thinking and provide us your feedback. Because of you, we’ve already seen some pretty fantastic improvements since launch and hope you’ll continue to ally with us to make the experience as magical as the pets!