Update V.36 is a go!



Greetings Adventurers! Last night we released update V.36 which includes the following:



  • Brag button! Dump stats to local chat for sharing!
  • Added progress bars to “pregnancy” and “level (exp)” fields.
  • Removed “breeder” field on HUD for privacy.
  • Increase home food limit to 1008.
  • Increase name limit to 20 characters for pets, pods, and homes. Market Mode – Now drop pods if home is awake.
  • Improve HUD handling of missing rez or script permissions. This should smooth our buying pets/pods on market land without rez or script perms.
  • Bug fix – Mystics were being un-partnered when fused to.
  • Bug fix – Same gender mystics were birthing pods.
  • Bug fix – Some specific cases were allowing pairing of parents/children.
  • Bug fix – Site was displaying incorrect hatch time.



And for your consideration, there is a special, limited edition Holiday costume coming right up!


Happy Easter to our adventurers who reserve this day!