It’s A Weekend Quickie Q & A!



We know that a lot of changes have happened since release and thus it’s been hard for some of us to keep up (Even me!) and until we get to a more static place with the HUD, the manual remains a tad out of date with images, but as soon as we know nothing else will change in the next update it will all be synced to better reflect the appearance! Many actions remain the same, however, so it’s largely the images that we have to walk you through the process.



So, those with us from the beginning have gone through our growing pains right by our side and we’re eternally grateful for you patience as we try to optimize the game assets for maximum comfort and functionality. We have had a few questions regarding things like fusing and the fancy new stars that are on the HUD, so lets get right to it!



Q: The Stars on the HUD mean exactly what?


Gray Stars mean that those levels are locked until your Pet raises it's maximum level.
Gray Stars mean that those levels are locked until your Pet raises it’s maximum level.


A: The Stars (Some call them flowers!) fill in with colors as your Mystic advances through levels. You will see that one Star has 5 points to it, and each time your pet levels up, one point is filled. When you have all five points of the star filled, your pet is level 5! You still have a bar beneath that you will see filling up, so you know how far your pet has to go until the next point is filled on the star. Alternatively, to the side you can still see how much Experience you have into your current level and and how many points you need in total to advance to the next level.



Q: What happens to my Mystics experience when I fuse it with another one?



A: Every Mystic will pass up to 66% of its Experience to another when fused. The Inheritor of the experience cannot surpass it’s maximum level however. For example, if your Mystic has a maximum level of 10, but you fuse a very high level Mystic with it, it won’t exceed level 10 even if the amount of experience it inherits surpasses the amount required. Don’t worry, you won’t lose out on your experience, it sits in a reserve until the pet who inherited the experience has it’s Maximum level raised. Then it will make use of the full 66% it is intended to have.



Q: What can I do with my starter pets that are about to turn into Supremes? Do they have any benefit? Can I make them pets?



A: Way back in beta we promised our players the ability to “Mystify” a Mystic to make it a forever pet. We know many of you have special costumes on these pets and do not want to lose them! That’s what we are working on right now. Stay tuned, I’ll have more information soon!



Q: I saw glowing Mystics with Auras at the Official Sim, how can I get one?



A: Indeed, we have had a lot of requests for information about the Auras. Like so many of the traits that haven’t been revealed, I don’t want to say too much except that you can be sure you have only barely scratched the surface with what you will be able to discover in their potential. There is still so much to unfold in the Mystery of Mystics.



Q: Some people I know have the Mystipedia 5000 and use it for free, while others have to pay a one time Magika fee for it. Why?



A: The MystiPedia was a ultimately provided as a gift to all of our current customers as of April 22nd. Everyone who participated in Mystics at any point (Even if they now have none) can use it for free. New players who joined after that date have to purchase it with a one time fee using Magika. Then, they too can use it as an unlimited tool.



We’d like to wish all of our Adventurer’s ad their families a warm Happy Mother’s day. We’ll see you very soon!