In all the Excitement



I got a little ahead of myself! In the last post I released an updated map featuring the locations that had been discovered by you! And much to my chagrin, I released the wrong map that indeed revealed two locations that hadn’t, in fact, been discovered yet! Oh my! Despite my best efforts to replace it with the correct map, word spread quicker than I could act in order to rectify my error. Of course, this means I’m on rations and have to clean out all the Mystic pens in the Magic Academy Courtyard for a month.



To clarify, ahem, Congratulations adventurers on discovering the Dewsong Jungle! Great Job! You’ve come a long way in four short months! But, still there is a great deal to reveal and uncover. I take solace in knowing that indeed, one day, my error will be seen as just actually a brilliant prophecy, and people will carve idols in my likeness. Hahahhah. No really.



Moving on! That you’ve managed to unlock this new region shows that your hard work has paid off! The last new Mystic breed we saw was the coveted Darkmane and even still only about 20 of those exist. Our Academy Professors inform me that 2 other breeds out there in the world are still trying to grow their numbers, currently only showing about ten more in total than the aforementioned; The Snowsong and The Mystbear. The Mirage, the beautiful desert Mystic, while becoming more popular, remains rare at just over 100 out of thousands and thousands of live Mystics. So, we have lots of ample opportunities to explore!

Also, lots more to announce very soon, so stay tuned!