Final Day For Contest Entry



Tomorrow is the last day to enter your Snapshot into the competition to win yourself a bountiful bunch of Magika for your little fur friends! We’re thrilled with the submissions we’ve gotten so far and they’re truly spectacular!



Starting on the 16th, all entries will be available for viewing on the Official Sim, and YOU will help us choose the best ones from our talented community! You can vote for your favorite image (Once per Avatar) and send up support for a member of the community you’d like to see win the prize! Voting will close on July 22nd at Midnight SLT and we’ll announce the winners afterward! So, got tell your Momma, tell your friends, go tell any one that you can comprehend, send in a letter, tell me on the phone, vote for a Mystic so you can fill it’s home!



See you tomorrow, Adventurers!