Major Mystic Overhaul!



Much in thanks to our amazing community, we’ve been toiling behind the scenes to improve Mystics to better reach the expectations our players have and as well as the standard of performance we’re aiming for.



This is going to occur in an update, which will require nothing on your end, dear adventurers! All your existing pets will have a chance to produce an offspring from the new system. Breeding will now be now less confusing and more linear- and you can breed your Mystics with more confidence in your intentions and results. 



With the changes, you will see no backsliding in progress- No starter coats from the new sets, and more forward progress through these sets instead. Keep in mind: you will still be able to inherit from any species currently out there, too! We know how discouraging it was to go to all the effort to get a pair of matching species Mystics only to pass far too many starter coats from them- well, I’m excited to say that won’t happen anymore. While breeding will never be 100% Guaranteed results, it is now safe to purchase Mystics in the secondary market with traits you wish to introduce to your breeding efforts and actually expect them to pass on to offspring more reliably!



This overhaul brings us more in alignment with experiences you may have already enjoyed in similar breeding products in the virtual platform, while still maintaining a fresh, unique (And now more fun and rewarding!) experience for both new and old players alike.



We can also expect to see more activity in the secondary market, as there will always be coats from previous cycles of pets (like the pre-update pets, for example) that will become more and more rare over time. This will be because of the fact that they will ONLY be obtainable through inheritance after one round ends and the next one begins (I’m talking about the several month cycles of 14 pets: 8 normal coats and 6 additional fusion/experience coats!). Besides being collectible, some of these older coats will be required in newer fusion efforts.



We’ll also be introducing new regions, new species and coats and soon, your first profession within the long discussed Magic Academy, but more on all of this very soon!



Watch this space, this blog will be very active with updated information over the coming day.