A Great Impromptu Chat!



Today was a great day for us. We got to share some really valuable time with members of our in-world group who had so many important things to say. While we’ve wanted to have a town hall meeting for a long while now, other things always seemed to preoccupy us throughout development, and although this discussion was neither formal nor arranged by any means, it was easily one of the most productive chats we’ve had with our players!



A lot of extremely important issues were brought up that made it clear we need to revisit some things one our development end, and we want our players who cared enough to share their thoughts, experiences and feedback to see their input bear some positive fruit. I’m going to give a short rundown here of that in-depth discussion and share with you the information we took away and will be addressing to fix.



1. Logical Prediction Factors
— Players feel that the results of theirs pairing appear far too randomized and a Mystic’s history has little effect on it’s offspring. Thus, buying or breeding a specific Mystic for intended results seems to have very little value to the breeding efforts the player intends. Because of this, it’s difficult to sell to other breeders who haven’t found justification in the expense or purpose of introducing new content.



2. Visible Progress
— It is too difficult and restrictive to see measurable progress when breeding Mystics. Too often, Mystic pairings of a specific kind seem to produce only common ones, thus it feels futile to actually try for specific results. The benefits of fusing are too obscure and infrequent and despite level advancements, there’s not enough reward for the effort.



3. Vague Instructions
— Players feel disillusioned by the difficulty in finding any method that makes them feel rewarded for their time and investment.
We understand no one is asking for guaranteed results, but at minimum want to feel there is some kind of process to learn, grasp and put into play so they can develop strategies and make clear and concise decisions when breeding.



4. We need to fast track Traits!
— Traits will help diversify and improve the quality of Mystics but we need to pay careful attention to how they are implemented, so they don’t follow the same trajectory that makes them unreasonably difficult to pass and appear too randomly in pairings.



During this conversation, the biggest desire was for things to drop less from seemingly random pairings and more reliably and predictably pass on their appearance (i.e. coat, eyes, future traits) to an offspring. At least have an notably improved chance so people can customize their Mystics with better results and improve the secondary market and justify purchases of new content to add to their breeding pool.



These are the majority of pressing issues we gathered from our conversation and we know you are as passionate and determined as we are to make Mystics great! While these issues won’t be addressed overnight, we promise to examine it all and do our best to expedite improvements so that these issues no longer present frustrations and difficulties.